Treadmill Desk Update

Posts about the “Treadmill Desk” seem to be pretty popular ones, so I thought I would give everyone a little update about it. After first reading about the concept of walking while you work, I decided to give it a go.

Instead of going out and building some contraption, I was luck to have a bar style table that we were not using. I moved the support that was between the legs up slightly and I put it on a couple of cinderblocks and I was ready to go. You can see how it turned out in the slideshow below.

I’ve been using the desk for about 3 weeks now and it is working wonderfully. I have a routine where I come down to my office and work on my regular desk while I have breakfast and catch up on my email. I then move the laptop over to the treadmill and work there for two hours. I walk for two hours at one mile an hour so I walk two miles and burn about 470 calories. I’ve actually gotten pretty good working while I walk. I almost think I work faster. Once the two hours are up its back to my regular desk for the rest of the day. Since I’ve started walking and eating better, I’ve dropped 10 pounds and I am continuing to lose. I think after another week or two I’m going to bump up the time on the treadmill some more although I don’t think I necessarily have to.