The Power of Positive Thinking

I recently tweeted that I had the song “Sunshine and Lollipops” in my head and that I was annoying the family with it. I wasn’t just using this to annoy the family. The fact that it was stuck in my head is part of an attempt to think more positively.

I recently watched the movie What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?. This is a documentary about quantum uncertainty and how observation effects that uncertainty. It’s about more than that too. It’s about the power the mind has to shape reality itself. I know that sounds like a bunch of crystal and meta-physical bs. However, it is backed up by a lot of science down at the quantum level of things. There is also the whole Noetic Field Theory which states the idea that

there exists an additional causal principle of purposefulness not found in ordinary matter but in fundamental cosmological principles of consciousness. He has suggested that thought and spirit are not, in fact, intangible, but are “Bose or photon-like” based aspects of the Unified Field, meaning essentially that the mind can be quantified by formulae which describe quantum materials such as light.

So I’m trying to take some of the concepts from this movie and apply it to my day-to-day life. See if just by thinking happier and more positive thoughts if both myself and my family can be those things. We shall see if it makes a difference.

I’ve had the song “Sunshine and Lollipops” stuck i…

I’ve had the song “Sunshine and Lollipops” stuck in my head since last night. So I’ve decided to torture the whole family with it today.

What should I do?

It’s been better than a year since I’ve last posted anything on here. I’ve had a personal todo for a long time to just shut the site down. However, I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do. Should I shut it down, get back in the blogging business, or morph this into something completely different? If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Revisiting the New Year

Now that we are a few months into the new year I thought I would revisit the New Year’s Resolutions I posted earlier. At this point I’m not real happy with the progress I’ve made, but I’m willing to keep them in mind and continue to work toward these goals.

I’m going to get these cleaned off my desktop and into a comprehensive list where I can then focus on completing one of these tasks at a time.

This is the one I’ve made the most progress on. I’m down from half a dozen lists to just two.
I’m going to communicate early and often.

As you can tell from the lack of post between January and now I haven’t kept up with this one at all.
I want to work more.

Between moving into the new house including the unpacking and finalizing work, spending the time with the family, and working at a startup I’ve had less time this year to work then in years past. I’m really trying to start focusing on this one more now
Spend more time with my family

At this point I’m not spending any less time with the family, but I haven’t been able to increase the time either.
Lose 40 pounds by the end of the year

At this point the weight is staying the same. The treadmill still hasn’t been unpacked yet so I’m not getting the walking time. However, it does feel like I’m working on or around the house more again.
it’s time to come up with a working quit plan that I can stick with.

The plans are starting to formulate.

Smooth Criminal

I’ve never been a fan of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. I have always liked Alien Ant Farm’s cover of it though. It looks like I may have a new favorite cover. These cellists completely rock out. Who knew?
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Python List Filter Helper

In a previous post, I mentioned I’ve been doing a lot of datagrid work lately. In addition to column sorting another feature I’ve added is the filtering of the datagrid by a specific value in a column. Most of these columns contain string values that we can use the same logic on, over and over again. I’ve come up with a helper function that generalizes the string filtering and can be used for this. The helper does a couple of special things.

  • It allows you to filter by returned values of object methods.
  • It searches for the term anywhere in the value.
  • It does a case in-sensitive search.
  • It does some basic value clean up.

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Folsom Prison Gangsta

Those of you who have been around for a while know how much I love mashups. I especially love it if the mashup is some unusual variation on a rap song. I’ve had a copy of this one laying around for a while and it’s still one of my favorites. DJ Topcat put together this great mix of Johnny Cash and Eazy-E. Enjoy!!!!
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Python In-Memory Sort Helper

I’ve been doing a lot of work on datagrids lately. My datagrid work is originally based off of Djblets datagrids. One of the cool things about these datagrids is the ability to sort by any column in the grid. This is a problem if the sorting occurs at the query level and you are dealing with Google App Engine data models. You could mitigate this by putting an index on every property on the model, but that isn’t a realistic solution. I’ve come up with a different solution. I pass an array of objects into the datagrid instead of a query and I have a helper function that sorts the objects in memory. This helper has some cool features.

  • It allows you to sort by returned values of object methods.
  • It allows you to sort the objects in ascending or descending value order.
  • It allows sorting by multiple attributes.
  • It does some basic value clean up before sorting for sort consistency.

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Treadmill Desk Version 2.0

The last time I was motivated to lose weight I setup a table over my treadmill and walked while I worked. This was very productive and I ended up losing about 40 pounds. Now, that I’m getting back into the work out routine I thought I would do the same thing. There was just one small problem. We don’t have that table anymore. So being a little creative I made a new treadmill desk. It’s pretty rough, but it gets the job done.

Treadmill Desk with Computer

New Year’s Resolutions

With the passing of the old year and the beginning of the new, many people make their traditional “New Year’s Resolutions”. I’ve usually eschewed these resolutions that more than likely will fail anyway. This year I’ve decided to give this whole resolution thing a go. I’m going to be successful at it too. I’m not holding myself to anything that I can’t do or haven’t done before and I’m going to focus on one thing at a time.

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